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Luxury Face Mask - 2 oz

Luxury Face Mask - 2 oz

This Luxury Sea Moss Face Mask is an all natural product for healing Eczema, acne, acne scars, rosacea, dark spots more! Sea Moss is called natures botox & is great to combat fine lines and wrinkles while plumping up your skin & shrinking your pores. Experience instant results & reap the rewards of Ocean harvested pure collagen & essential oils hand picked for your face. Follow up with the one & only Dream Creme moisturizer for amazing results!

  • Directions

    Apply to clean dry face. Rub 1 tbsp between hands, gently apply to face, neck & decolletage, always in an upward motion. Allow to dry atleast 25 minutes (the longer the better!) You may notice a warming sensation, this is your blood flowing & oxygenating skin cells which is the rejuvenation process at work. The thin soft film will tighten your skin instantly. When ready to wash off, always wash with Filtered Water, gently press the slime back into your skin, follow up with Dream Creme.

  • Ingredients

    Raw Sea Moss Gel, Raw Honey, Purified Water, Essential Oils, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Neem Oil, Optiphen 1000.

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